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Sao Tome and Principe is a country formed by two islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Guinea, with unique landscapes, fascinating and charming places.

Sweet Guest House can provide you the best options to discover these two magical islands.

With the collaboration of its partners they thus lead you to fall in love with the green of the forests and the blue of the sea; To know the old colonial farms, the plantations of cacao and coffee; Strolling through tropical sands and enjoying magnificent views and flavors that awaken the senses.

The islands also offer cultural spaces that promote tradition, art and gastronomy, creating moments of leisure that will make you want to experience this wonderful island even more. Being so, you will be able to choose among the various excursions we have for you, from the most common to the most daring and alternative. We will take you to know this country through pedestrian walks, canoe expeditions, excursions, observation of the island’s flora and fauna and much more that you will discover if you bet on our services!

Tours São Tomé

To know better the island of Sao Tome, its peculiarities and its diversity, we recommend to start with 3 Tours, North, Center and South. The tour includes, Jeep 4x4, driver / guide and fuel, does not include lunch.

South Island Tour

• Departure from São Tomé city: 8:00 am

• Pass through the city of Santana

• Visit to Água-Izé Plantation and the Cacao Dryer

• Stop at Boca do Inferno – one of the country’s geological heritages

• Visit to Sete Ondas Beach, community of Ribeira Afonso and Micondó Beach

• Lunch at São João dos Angolares Plantation or at Mionga Restaurant (District of Caué)

• Visit to Praia Pesqueira’s waterfall (optional)

• Stop to photograph Pico do Cão Grande

• Visit to Praia Grande and to the mouth of Caué River

• Pass through Porto Alegre’s Plantation

• Swimming at Piscina Beach

• Visit to Inhame Beach • Visit to Jalé Beach

• Return to the city of São Tomé: 5:30 p.m.

North Island Tour

• Departure from São Tomé at 8:00 am

• Visit to Agostinho Neto Plantation, former Rio D'Ouro Plantation

• Crossing through the city of Guadalupe (District of Lobata)

• Visit to Morro Peixe - fishing beach and Sea Turtles Protection Center

• Stop at Tamarindos Beach (optional)

• Stop at Lagoa Azul Beach and visit to the lighthouse

• Pass through the city of Neves (District of Lembá)

• Lunch in Santola or in Mucumbli (resort)

• Visit the Ponta Figo and Monte Forte Plantation

• Visit to Anambó - site with the discovery’s landmark of São Tomé Island

• Visit to Diogo Vaz Plantation to observe the process of fermentation and cocoa drying.

• Visit the fishing village of Santa Catarina passing through the Tunnel.

• Return to the city of São Tomé: 5:30 p.m.

Excursion to the Center of the Island

• Departure from São Tomé at 8:00 am

• Pass through the city of Trindade (Méchi-Zochi District)

• Visit to Monte Café Plantation and the Coffee Museum

• Visit to the Botanical Garden, to observe the island’s flora

• Visit to the São Nicolau waterfall

• Lunch in Saudade Plantation, in Almada Negreiros House (with reservation)

• Return to the city of Trindade,

• Visit to the waterfall of Manuel Jorge River at Milagrosa Plantation

• Visit to the waterfalls and lodge of Bombaim Plantation

• Return to the city of São Tomé: 16h00

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